Board Members


Kim Jenkins


Kim has been employed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Keyano Land Trust Corporation and the Superintendent of the Fort McMurray Catholic School District. Kim has served on various boards and committees, including as the Chair of the Wood Buffalo Housing and Development Corporation. Kim has joined the Board of Directors of the Wood Buffalo Food Bank to continue his commitment to building a better future in Fort McMurray.


Dennine Giles

Vice Chair

Dennine’s commitment to the concept of the Food Bank could be traced to her father, who started an independent food bank in his garage 45 years ago and has kept it operating ever since. Denine, owner of the successful NorthStar Ford automotive dealership, has always been involved in the community, supporting all organizations that pertain to children and those that may be down on their luck. The mother of two children and staunch community advocate believes the Wood Buffalo Food Bank is an incredibly worthwhile cause that has a direct and positive impact on the clients it serves.

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Kama Bosma


Kama has been an avid volunteer at the Wood Buffalo Food Bank, having helped out with several Food Drives over the years. She recently joined the WBFB board of directors in October 2016. Helping with the food drives opened Kama’s eyes to how much the food bank is needed and how it helps so many people in our community. She enjoys all of the volunteers that she meets when working at the food drives, and loves that entire families come out and help at the different locations. Kama is heart-warmed with how many people now donate and give back to the WBFB because of how they were assisted in their time of need. She is proud that she is a part of an organization that does so much for our community. “Treat people the way that you would want to be treated.”


Arty Shaw


Arty joined the WBFB Board of Directors in November 2016 and has already contributed to the Syncrude Food Drive and sits on two sub committees – Governance and Building. His company (Bouchier Group) has always had a close relationship with the WBFB, and it is his intention to continue the good work already started and hopefully allow it to flourish. Arty says the WBFB staff and volunteers are a tremendous team and whenever he interacts with them he feels uplifted. He believes the WBFB is a tremendous charity, and provides more than just a food source to its clients. Having arrived from England last summer he never appreciated that anyone in an affluent community like Fort McMurray would need assistance like this and it is an honour to be part of this organisation. Arty has recently become the Head Coach to the Fort McMurray Knights Rugby Club who play a big part in community fund-raising and social activities, and he is also part of Snyepers Cricket club which actively supports a number of charitable works. “The strongest people are not those that who show strength in front of us – but those who win battles we know nothing about.”


Bradley Friesen


The VP of Fort McMurray Operations for Dunvegan Gardens, Brad was born and raised in Fairview, Alberta. Married with two children his passions include agriculture and coin collecting, as well as the simple act of seeing people happy. Bradley enjoys contributing to local fundraising events in whatever way is possible, and saw involvement with the food bank as an opportunity to explore the importance of food security in the community.


Brad Lucier


Brad is the President of HVAC Solutions in Fort McMurray, having started the company 11 years ago. The father of two and grandfather of one, Brad is an avid golfer and has been involved with Ski Patrol and the Ski Team in the past. Brad believes involvement in the Wood Buffalo Food Bank is an opportunity to contribute to making the community a better place to live, and a key component of the obligation business owners have to give back to the community. He has served on the WBFB board for over a year, which has given him a deeper sense of community. Brad has two rules in life; 1. Don’t sweat the small stuff, 2. It’s all small stuff.


Theresa Wells


Employed as the Communications Coordinator for the Regional Recreation Corporation of Wood Buffalo, Theresa also authors a blog on life in the Fort McMurray community, as well as working as a freelance writer. The mother of a teenage daughter, Theresa is dedicated to developing improved qualify of life for all residents of Wood Buffalo through participation in non-profit organizations, sport and recreation events and arts and culture initiatives. It has been Theresa’s pleasure to serve with the WBFB Board since 2015. She is very proud to both serve and represent the Food Bank in our community. She says it’s a pleasure to be involved with an organization that is proactive in its approach to its mandate, and which collaborates extensively with community partners to achieve success. She believes this has encouraged her to seek other collaborative opportunities, both within her professional work and within the community. Theresa truly enjoys knowing that the fine work of the WBFB makes a difference in our region, which reflects her personal belief that every person has the opportunity to make a difference in our communities through our words and actions. As someone who is passionate about art and culture in our community, Theresa is proud to also serve as the Director of Literary Arts for the Arts Council Wood Buffalo Board. “I am only one, but I am still one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. And because I cannot I do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.” – Helen Keller

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Ken Bowie


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Dennis Banks


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Suzanne Manning


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Merya Gould


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Ryan Pearson


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Past Board Members

Anthony Policicchio


Sandra Stevens


Clarence Buchanan


Candace Cheney

Candace 2

Stephen Briffett


Rick O'Neill


Tamara Wolfe


Mark Ritchey


Lee-Anne Kumka


Chandra Flett


Krista Balsom

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Sonya Earle

Sonya Earle

Ross Mayer


Paul McWilliams


Mahtabuddin (Mahtab) Bhuiyan