Volunteer Stories

We received this message from a Syncrude Employee this morning about the mittens he received as a volunteer appreciation gift during the 2013 Syncurde Food Drive.


Thank you for the mittens the other day. But with that comes a story.

I saw a new Canadian of Asian descent going into the store and there was a language barrier but a smile was shared and on his son and he went. I noted the clothing they wore was not suited for the temperature, including footwear and the absence of gloves. When they exited, I stopped the young boy of about 6 and gave him a pair of mittens. Both his father and son were tearfully appreciative. You just knew how much they needed a boost. They did not have much in hand for groceries. On your mittens is the contact info for the food bank, and although these people will probably not use the services, they will know the source of generosity and be able to tell someone perhaps that has a desperate need for you.

Thank you for giving me the mittens, I love stuff, but I passed them on knowing they were going to a colder set of hands than mine. You warmed my heart with the mittens I gave away.

BaQevqJCEAA5XqtAnother Memorable Moment from one of our volunteers!

There was a lady that came out of Superstore with bags and bags of items. She had about 6 of the Food Bank “Most Needed” lists with all of the items checked off.

When she asked why there was no turkey on the list, I said “The lists are all different. Here’s one with turkey on it”. She replied with “I missed a list?!”

Anyways, that was my most memorable moment.