Non-profits prepare for increased demands as fundraisers postponed or cancelled

food bank

By Wood Buffalo Food Bank

Social non-profits must navigate an increased demand for their services, even as they cancel or postpone fundraisers that were expected to bring hundreds of thousands of dollars.

According to Chantal Beaver, executive director of FuseSocial, said it’s hard to tell what the long-term impact will be on the local social profit sector.

“Organizations are being faced with demand when the economy is not able to support them,” she said, adding that if agencies act collaboratively, “we’ll be OK.”

According to Imagine Canada, an organization that provides programs and resources to charities, the sector could face a $9.5 billion loss across Canada, with layoffs ranging between 118,000 and 194,000 people.

Locally, the non-profit sector was still reacting to the emotional and mental health fallout of the May 2016 wildfires, as well as layoffs in the oil sector.

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