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This flexible program will assist low-income clients learn to successfully prepare healthful, low-cost meals for themselves and/or their families.

The Slow Cooker Program runs for six weeks. Each participant is encouraged to attend all classes. Each participant is given a slow cooker at the first class. In each class that the participant attends they are given a gift certificate specifically designated to purchase the protein portion of the meal; they also receive all the ingredients for the recipe—which they prepare together as a group, while discussing the nutritional value of the recipe, as well as any alterations &/or possible additions. The participants thus take home all the ingredients necessary to prepare the weekly recipe for themselves and/or their families. At the end of the program we will have a potluck meal.

The Slow Cooker Program:

  • Facilitates healthy social interactions and increased self-esteem
  • Promotes positive behavior changes leading to increased food security.
  • Encourages people to try new recipes, and a new or forgotten method of cooking.

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The Slow Cooker Program is unique because it can be tailored to suit many demographics: Seniors, Low Income Families, Single Parents, Pregnant & New Moms, Housing First clients, Clients facing health issues, different ethnic groups. Participants are given the education, demonstrations, supports, and ingredients to successfully prepare healthful, low-cost meals for themselves and/or their families in a food-safe manner.

The Slow Cooker Program provides a group program in which new social support networks can develop; provides an environment for reciprocity of information and ideas during discussions; facilitates increased self-esteem so participants are better able to cope with some of the stressors that affect people with low incomes, and offers increased self-efficacy that promotes positive behaviour changes leading to increased food security.

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