Wood Buffalo Food Bank

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Dean Wilcox (no tie)

Dean Wilcox - Chair

Dean joined the board as the Chair in June 2020, and has since then seen the significant impact the flood had on the community, and found the response from the Food Bank to quickly set up and provide much needed food after their building was damaged as nothing short of incredible. Through his work so far with the WBFB, Dean has learned the significant role in providing food security to the community, and knows a large part of this is due to the group of passionate employees and board volunteers. Dean is pleased to have the ability to commit his personal time and experience to give back to the community. Aside from this role at the WBFB, Dean is the former vice chair of the Northern Lights Health Foundation, has a long history of involvement with the United Way, and in his free time enjoys running, sporting events and travel.

“Keep doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.”



Merya Gould - Vice Chair

Merya has been on the WBFB for three and a half years, and is currently working on her second term. She is incredibly proud to be part of the organization, and has gained a deeper sense of purpose in all aspects of life. One of her favourite parts of being involved is the many opportunities to meet members of the community and to hear their stories. Merya enjoys meeting the volunteers and seeing their passion to help our region, as she shares that same passion and can often be seen supporting her community where she can. Merya is a person you can often call up in a time of need, and she will be there. In her free time, you can find Merya running the trails with the local running group, or punching some bags at the kickboxing gym.

“Love the life you live. Live the life you love.” – Bob Marley


Gordon Valverde – Secretary

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Kama Bosma -Treasurer

Kama has been an avid volunteer at the Wood Buffalo Food Bank, having helped out with several Food Drives over the years and eventually joining the board of directors in October 2016. Working with the organization has opened Kama’s eyes to how much the food bank is needed and how it helps so many people in our community. She enjoys all of the volunteers that she meets when working at events, and finds it heartwarming that entire families will come out and help together. Kama’s most notable experience has been learning how many people now donate and give back to the WBFB because of how they were assisted in their time of need – a full circle moment. She is proud that she is a part of an organization that does so much for our community.

“Treat people the way that you would want to be treated.”


Brad Lucier – Director

Brad has been involved with the WBFB for seven years now, and has been a huge assistance with connecting the organization with businesses in the community, and most recently with the WBFB’s big move into their new building. Brad believes involvement in the Food Bank is an opportunity to contribute to making the Wood Buffalo region a better place to live, and a key component of the obligation business owners have to give back to the community. Brad feels throughout this time he has gained a deeper sense of the meaning of supporting one another, and loves the feeling of accomplishment that our actions have made a difference to those in need. Brad is the President of HVAC Solutions in Fort McMurray, is also an avid golfer, and is involved with several nonprofits however the two that stand out most to him are the Wood Buffalo Food Bank and Center of Hope.

Brad has two rules in life; 1. Don’t sweat the small stuff, 2. It’s all small stuff.


Kelsey Haist – Director

Kelsey is setting a new standard for growth and development in the live event industry space. With 13 years in the business, she began her career in the fashion, beauty and public relations fields, quickly realizing her passion was behind the scenes, developing a formula for advancement and execution. In 2010, Kelsey re-located to Fort McMurray, where she worked for 10 years; ultimately as a Director of Events and Business Development. She contributed to a community she loved, procuring, promoting, and producing live events with some of the largest names in the business. In 2021 Kelsey began working with the FM Systems Group of Companies, under the role of Business Development with a continued forward-thinking approach, pursuing strategic opportunities as a means of continued growth and success. Kelsey has been a member of the Wood Buffalo Food Bank Board since 2018, and enjoys being able to be a small part of a big organization whose mission is to provide food security in the Wood Buffalo region.


Kelly Tole – Director

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Aleksandra Plemic – Director

Aleksandra began volunteering with the WBFB in fall 2018 as a community member-at-large. With her background as a Chartered Professional Accountant and having accounting/finance expertise, it translated very well with assisting the Finance & Audit Committee, and in January 2020 she became a full board member. Working with the WBFB has created a lot of meaningful experiences and connections for Aleksandra, and the experience has shown her how the staff at the WBFB work tirelessly to help those in need in our community, and how much support they need from the community in order to do so. Aleksandra finds satisfaction in knowing that she is making a difference in our wonderful community. In her free time, you can find Aleksandra with her husband and two little boys somewhere outdoors – walking, mountain biking and camping.



Leanne Hawco – Director

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Natasha Hartson – Director

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Shaun Moore – Director

Shaun began volunteering for the annual Christmas Food Bank Drive in 2009, and eventually joined the board in 2021. He believes those of us that have been fortunate enough to reap the benefits of living in this wonderful community have an obligation to give back to it, and helping our community members in need with reliable access to the most basic of necessities is incredibly important work. Shaun personally loves seeing the community come together each year to support the Food Bank, and in particular those donating in return of when the Food Bank was there for them. A father of two school-aged sons, Shaun enjoys traveling, and also serves on the Board of the Wood Buffalo Community Foundation.