Traditional Hamper

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Traditional Hamper Program

Our hampers Come in 3 sizes to accommodate families

The Traditional food hamper program offers services by appointment and by approved application. We provide these services by appointment for many reasons – most importantly client confidentiality. We also do this so we are able to spend a few minutes with clients and give them our undivided attention, and refer them to other agencies that might be helpful as well. By making appointments ahead of time, it also allows us to ensure there is enough milk and produce freshly stocked.

Examples of referrals we make; for clients who have recently become unemployed we would refer them to Service Canada to access unemployment insurance. For a client who is struggling with a disability we would refer them to PDD and AISH. Clients who are struggling with mental health we might refer them to CMHA, AHS Mental Health, or FCSS at the RMWB.

Hamper Sizes

Small 1-2 People

MEdium 3-4 People

Large 5+

Lactose intolerat hampers

For Assistance

Please call 780-743-1125 ext. 221 and speak with Client Services.

For information on assistance and for application forms click the button below: