There are always volunteer opportunities available at the Wood Buffalo Food Bank.

Home Volunteer
Volunteer hours and roles are currently altered due to our temporary operations during this time. We are not accepting drop-in volunteers, you MUST register for your shift to reserve your spot. Please follow the link for opportunities! 


What does a volunteer do?

Warehouse volunteer roles include sorting and stocking food, packing hampers, checking food for expiry dates, cleaning, and some heavy lifting as required. These volunteers are important in keeping our operations running smoothly and keep up with the demand!

We also have opportunities for volunteers to assist us in collecting donations from the grocery store bins, as well as assist with Mobile Pantry deliveries!

Volunteers are also extremely important part of our various fundraising events throughout the year, with a wide range of tasks dependent on the event (ex: food drives, festivals, golf tournaments, trade shows, etc.)

How do I sign up?

All volunteer applications are now located in an online database called WBVolunteers (in partnership with FuseSocial) that allows us to recruit, coordinate, and track our volunteers better and more efficiently! Instead of filling out our paper form, all you need to do now is create an account online and easily sign up for time slots! This system will eventually bring the entire volunteer community of RMWB into one local hub, where you can find roles that best suite you with several organizations!

Large Group Volunteer opportunities are available and can be arranged by emailing comm@woodbuffalofoodbank.com or calling 780-743-1125 ext. 228.

Download the app for easy sign-in!

Our volunteers always go above and beyond with their services. They are the best!