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Dan Edwards - Executive Director

Dan has served as the Executive Director since August 2018,  and with the organization for ten years as of October 2021. Dan believes his work has allowed him to grow in his career while also developing an understanding of those facing challenges in our community and our country as a whole. He feels his new understanding has enabled him to share his knowledge in his personal networks and impact how others see food banks and their role in their communities. Dan makes special note of the generosity of the youth in this community who ask for food bank donations at their birthday parties instead of gifts – an act he calls “magical”. With a new building and new team at the foodbank, Dan is looking forward to the amazing new possibilities that are in our future.  Dan was recognized as a Top 50 under 50 recipient of 2018 by Your McMurray Magazine and was a successful graduate of the 2016 Leadership Wood Buffalo program. In his free time, you can find Dan in his backyard tending to his Raspberry Bush or working on a solid base burn for his half-ginger soul, or enjoying some BBQ, on special occasions he might be doing home improvements.

“If the Internet has taught us anything, it’s that sometimes it’s easier to speak our minds anonymously.”    – Ted Lasso

Mackenzie White - Executive Assistant

Meet Mackenzie, she recently moved to Fort McMurray and started with the WBFB in January 2023.She’s no newbie to the Social Services world. With already 8 years under her belt working in the industry serving others.  She loves working with members of the community and like-minded individuals who genuinely want to make a difference day to day. In her short time with WBFB she’s already grown as an individual by being pushed outside her comfort zone in a new environment but surrounded by kind-hearted people.

When not In the office, You can find Mackenzie on a weekend getaway, or hiking a mountain.. or both! Recently she has turned to the outdoors for self care. Walking new trails, sitting by the water or under a mountain, on a boat on the water. Finding little escapes in everyday!

“as we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.’’ – Mary Anne Radmacher

Michelle Hand - Communications and Development Coordinator

Michelle jumped into the role as the Communications and Development Coordinator in November 2022.  As a self-acclaimed workaholic, Michelle has often joked about how she would just switch to volunteer or non-profit work if she won the lottery. Well… Michelle hasn’t won the lottery but some days while working at the WBFB she feels like she might have. She loves getting out in the community and speaking with our future community leaders. (Especially those under 5ft.) She truly believes that learning volunteerism at a young age will make a brighter future for all. Michelle has always had a deep appreciation for how non-profits improve the quality of life for our region, she has the believe that everyone has an obligation to ensure all people have access to the most basic human rights.

In her spare time, you might find Michelle watching true crime documentaries, “adopting” homeless house plants or spending time with her Fiancé, her son and two dogs.

” Try to live everyday like Elle Woods after Warner told her that she wasn’t smart enough for law School”

Josh Hefferan - Client Services Manager

In the short period of time Josh has been with the Food Bank (he thinks September 2021, but time flies when you’re having fun) he’s come to realize the significant impact the Food Bank and their services have in our community. He also credits this role as to better acquainting himself with the social profit sector, and the many amazing people within, dedicated to improving quality of life for the residents of Wood Buffalo – he’s grateful to work alongside these other organizations to make a difference.

Josh appreciates the inclusive, fun work environment that is the Wood Buffalo Food Bank. He’s very passionate about his lunch breaks (largely due to the fabulous lunches Laradawn brings him everyday) and the many laughs he shares with his Food Bank family.

 “Starting tomorrow whatever life throws at me, I’m ducking so it hits someone else!”

Mary-Mae Humphrey - Warehouse Assistant

Mary-Mae initially became involved with the Food Bank in 2019 in order to complete some volunteer hours but was instantly hooked! Prior to her experience at WBFB, Mae had no idea what she wanted to pursue for her career…. until she had the opportunity to experience the high she got from helping others and how rewarding a career in the social profit sector could be. And from then on, they couldn’t get rid of her. Mae continued to volunteer weekly and when a position opened up, she jumped on the chance to the join the team.

Skip ahead three years, and Mae’s still enjoying life at the Food Bank. She’s demonstrated incredible personal and professional growth which she’d credit to the strong, supportive team that she’s grown incredibly fond of and that she knows has her back. Oh and the weekends off are great too!

Chances are if you volunteer at the Food Bank, you’ll run into Mae in the warehouse, and she won’t be hard to spot with colourful bows fashioned to her hair and her equally enthusiastic personality!

“If you ignore something long enough, it’ll either go away or ruin your life forever”

Laradawn Sacrey - Warehouse Reciever

Laradawn joined the Wood Buffalo Food Bank in October of 2021 and was instantly enamoured by the energy and the hustle and bustle of the behind the scenes work that it takes to feed our community. In fact, it wasn’t until she started working at WBFB that she realized the importance of the work and the number of individuals and families that rely on our organization for food, programs and many other necessities. Laradawn enjoys the connection she gets from meeting different people from all walks of life – clients, volunteers and her fellow co-workers – and the joy she gets from helping out our community. Laradawn’s first few months of her employment were focused on the winter food drive – a time that she says was CRAZY, but extremely fun and she looks forward to many more!

“If people are talking behind your back, just fart.”    – a mug on Amazon

Tammy Mueller- Mobile Pantry Coordinator

Meet Tammy Muller, Tammy joined the WBFB team in April of 2023, she may be new to the organization, but she is already super excited to learn not only about the food bank, but also about the community that is now her home. Working with the WBFB has had a profound effect on Tammy and her work. She has learned that everyone has a story and most just want to be able to share it with someone who wants to listen. The WBFB affords her the time to chat and listen to everyone she comes in contact with. If just one conversation helps make a difference in someone’s life, When Tammy is not busy working with the WBFB, she loves to stay active by hitting the gym. She swears that the gym calls to her in her sleep! If she’s not at the gym, then she’ll be out and about enjoying her jeep with the tunes cranked, looking for a fabulous place to paddleboard with her husband.

“Reading to the mind is what exercise is to the body” – Joseph Addison. 

Kristin Pearce - Client Intake Worker

Meet Kristin who joined the Wood Buffalo Food Bank gang in February of 2022. Kristin loves clocking in each day to work alongside a pretty incredible team – a team that is committed to bettering the lives of our community and equally committed to supporting each other and sharing many laughs along the way. Like many that came before her, Kristin was surprised to learn of the number of individuals and families we serve and the significance of what we do as she experienced it first-hand from the client services side. She’s grateful for this experience and the ability to interact and help people in need on a daily basis.

Outside of office hours, Kristin enjoys hanging with her family, and taking in the outdoor treasures that Wood Buffalo has to offer such as fishing and camping.

“That’s what she said”  – Michael Scott 

Cathy Comeau- Client Intake Worker

Meet our resident “Nana” Cathy, she Started with the WBFB in October of 2022. When Cathy first started with the Wood Buffalo Food Bank she was surprised by the services and accessibility. A real eye opener, but since then she has fallen in love with helping and assisting the members of our community. She is thankful for Wood Buffalo’s depth of community volunteers that continue to show support all year long. Cathy is incredible family oriented and loves spending time with her grandchildren, children, and husband.

“You don’t necessarily have to be poor to fall on hard times , we all need a little bit of help sometimes!”

Candice Archer - Program Facilitation and Development Coordinator

With a recent relocation to Fort McMurray and as a new graduate from the Interdisciplinary Social Science with Honours program from York University, with a discipline in Food and Land Studies.  Candice has an awareness and understanding of food accessibility, insecurities, and challenges in the food system and how the role of food and land intersects with our bodies and identities. Freshly hired in January 2022, for the role of Program Facilitation & Development Coordinator, Candice is excited to relaunch programming. Working at the WBFB has affected me to become selflessly committed to helping make a difference and help empower the lives of the citizens within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo community. #No Poverty#ZeroHunger#Good Health & Well-Being. Working at the WBFB, I enjoy the casual work atmosphere, the work/life balance, and the greater purpose of creating a lasting impact every day. In her spare time, Candice enjoys watching Netflix, curating her closet with vintage and fashion sale finds and is obsessed with things in all different shades of pink.

“Two words for anyone who thinks cute shoes aren’t important…Cinderella and Dorothy.”   – Jane Lee Logan