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1. Who is eligible to get food from the Food Bank?

Anyone who can prove that they are in need and living in the Wood Buffalo region can apply for a food hamper.  Clients will be asked to provide identification for all people living in the household. You will also be asked to provide proof of monthly income (pay stubs, employment insurance, child tax credit, etc.) and monthly expenses (rent receipt, lease agreement, bills, insurance, etc.) for us to complete a needs and eligibility assessment.

2. What kind of food will I get?”

We give you a hamper of food at your visit. This will include both canned/packaged foods, fruit, eggs, bread and meat. Each hamper is specifically designed for each client. One hamper is given to each household per month.

3. Will I get to choose which kind of food that I get?

We will do our best to accommodate all dietary needs, but we request that you let us know in advance when you schedule your appointment. If you have babies, we will ask if you would like formula, baby food or diapers. Although we try to stay consistent with each hamper, all of the items that you receive may not be the same each visit.

4. Does the Food Bank receive government funding?

The Wood Buffalo Food Bank is a non-profit organization funded solely by private donations and businesses.  We do not receive any funding from the Government.

5. Is it better to donate money or food?

It is really a matter of the donor’s preference.  We require both food and money to help us fulfill our mission and what we like to think of as “helping people help themselves”.  We are able to buy more with the cash because we can purchase food in larger quantities and usually at discounted prices.  100% of donated money goes to the operation of the Wood Buffalo Food Bank.

6. How do we work with other agencies?

The Wood Buffalo Food Bank refers clients to other agencies in the Wood Buffalo region.  We are constantly working on strengthening our relationships with other agencies so that we are able to work more effectively with each other and to gain more knowledge and support for one another.

7. What do I do if my question isn’t listed here?

Ask us!  You can reach us at 780-743-1125 or e-mail

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